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Al-Fakher Pre-Punched Argileh Foil (12cm) – 200 Pack


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Al-Fakher Hookah Foil (20 Microns)

  •  Each box contains 50 Al-Fakher pre-punched foil pieces. Foils are packaged carefully with tissue paper in between to ensure foils do not stick
  •  Perfectly 0.02 millimeters or 20 microns thick which provides a much better experience with hookah than normal foil. Comparable to Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil which is commonly used for Hookah and Shisha enthusiasts
  •  Pre-punched and cut foils allow for faster and more efficient setup of Hookah/Shisha
  •  The shape of the foil allows for a more rigid wrap and better heat transfer which enables slower burning for prolonged smoking sessions
  • Consistent size and spacing of the holes work to help deliver an evenly distributed heat to enhance your Hookah experience



Al-Fakher pre-punched hookah foil is a superb accessory to your shisha pipe, its made of aluminum and the diameter is approximately 4.5″ to 5.5″. its the best alternative from your regular foil and smokescreen. Packed in a 50 piece pre-cut and pre-punched hookah foil it’s primarily used by the seasoned or primed hookah user to help attain the maximum Hookah smoking experience imaginable.

This pre-punched hookah foil pack eliminates the possibility of shisha smokers inhaling fumes of the regular household aluminum foil as it’s pre-punched and pre-cut, it’s specially designed to fit over any hookah bowl and has no additives nor chemicals or coatings so it eliminates cases of headaches caused by foils. simply pull and tear and place it over your hookah bowl and enjoy the elevated experience

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