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Mini King Size 8.4mm Electric Automatic Injector + 200 Tubes


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KING SIZE 8.4mm Electric Automatic Injector Tobacco Rolling Machine FREE TUBES!

This listing includes:
Mini King Size 8.4mm Electric Automatic Injector
200 Free Tubes King Size (Red/Blue/Menthol):

TOBACCO MOISTURE OVER 15% WILL VOID THE WARRANTY AND MAY DAMAGE THE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (This is true for all electrical tobacco injector machines, not only from us).

Tips & Tricks:
The most common issue with electric injectors is that too much product is used to fill the tubes and the product has too much moisture for the electric injectors. When too much product is used, the injector will jam and not work properly. The same can be said for product that is too damp. Please make sure you are aware of how to use the machine. These two very simple steps will save you a headache.

The 3 Month warranty only covers the electrical components and NOT mechanical. The mechanical systems in the machines work perfectly fine before the machines are dispatched. Mechanical issues only arise from over stuffing the machines with product or using damp product.

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Warning it is illegal to sell tobacco to people aged under 18, it is illegal to purchase tobacco on behalf of people aged under 18.

Quitting will improve your health.

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