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Argyle/Hookah Foil Hole Puncher with 4cm Circular Pattern – 2 Pack


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Fire Up Your Hookah Sessions with Perfect Foil Every Time!

This handy circle hole punch is your secret weapon for achieving exceptional hookah experiences. Crafted from durable plastic, this tool creates clean, precise circles in hookah foil, ensuring even heat distribution and optimal flavor from your shisha.


    • Sharp, clean cuts: For perfect circles in your hookah foil.
    • Universal size: Works with most hookah bowl diameters (approximately 4cm diameter hole punch pattern).
    • Effortless operation: Simple to use for hookah enthusiasts of all experience levels.
    • Even heat distribution: Ensures all your flavored tobacco burns consistently for a maximized hookah session.
    • Durable plastic construction: Built to last for countless hookah setups.
    • Four Vibrant Colors: Choose from black, green, blue, or yellow (we will ship 2 random colors).
  • Package Contents:
    • 2x Circle Hole Punches (Colors will vary)

Upgrade your hookah setup today and enjoy perfectly prepared shisha every time!